Isometric walk cycle

This is an animation that i did using the new skeleton feature.

Any comment, critic or feedback is welcome

The animation in small size:
isometric walksifz_110.gif

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Very well achieved. Maybe hair can be improved a bit. It is perfect for a video game

Thanks for the feedback.
For animating the hair, I attached several points of the hair shape to a bone, but not all the points. Maybe adding more bones will give a better movement. On the other hand, it made the animation more complex.

The thing with the hair is that its frequency is exactly the same than the walk cycle and doesn’t give the impression of a secondary motion. Normally the response of a tracked object is not the same than the tracker movement, unless the natural frequency of the tracked object matches the frequency of the excitement, what is very unlikely.

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for this delayed response.

If I understand correctly, between the primary movement (the walcycle), and the secondary movements (like the hair movement,… or the blinking eyes), there must be a time offset. They can’t be syncronized because… it doesn’t look good.

I take note. But It seems dificult to me doing that, right now. How many frames must have that offset? In which position the secondary movement begins?. All the dinamic to study for doing that.

My way of work implies a lot of trial and error. I do several renders in gif format, besides of the render in preview mode. And even that I feel there is a lot to improve. But something must be shown.

I’m attaching another isometric walk cycle, this time with a model with more accurate human proportions, using the makehuman software. After several steps, the model was exported to synfig, “rigged” with the skeleton layer, and animated.
A big version can be found here: … -473946539

Any comment or critic is welcome

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The walk looks quite good to me but a little robotic. There is a little mismatch on the las frame of the cycle but not very important. walk cycles are good for games for example but to tell an story, you should make walks (no cycles) what would make the character real live. For example, create the secondary movements without cycles, just like they are in real world… Of course it means LOT of work :wink: