Is there any way to convert a shape to a spline?

I want to do a simple ui animation that will be in a game. Just a circle that warps a bit and returns to its normal shape. I know there are warp layers but the effect is like a fade. I’d like the actual edges of the shape to warp. I figured my best bet would be to edit the verts on a circle spline myself. Now obviously making a circle spline by hand is troublesome as it’s very hard to make it symmetrical. Is there any way I can turn a circle into a shape?

Hello g1i1ch and welcome here,

To convert a shape to a spline , you can use "the Layer Menu “Make Advanced Outline” and “Make Outline” command ( ) . Another method are described in the HowDoI section

I’m replying to an old post but was looking for the same thing: convert a shape into a spline.
The “Layer” -> “Make (advanced) outline” solution works, but only if I created the original shape (in my case a circle) with the options “Create (advanced) outline” and/or “create region” checked.
If I create a circle checking only “create circle layer” in the options, afterwards when I want to convert it to a spline, there’s no option “make (advanced) outline” in the layer menu.

Could this be considered a feature to add to Synfig, or a kind of bug? Because I have the impression that now there’s no way to convert (or duplicate) a circle layer into an outline layer?

Using Synfig 0.64.1-2 on Ubuntu 14.04.

yep … you can do that here

Done: Feature request no. 851.

(BTW d.j.a.y., the link to the bug tracker didn’t work for me, oddly enough because of the trailing slash, it seems. Got a message “404 - Not Found
This location doesn’t exist, has been deleted or you don’t have permission to see it”. Removing the trailing slash worked).