Is there a way to take a character in Synfig...?

Is there a way to take a character in Synfig, and manipulate its body parts, easily, without having to laboriously create a separate keyframe with the character in different positions, manually? i was wondering, because i have already create an image of a character in Adobe Photoshop, and just wanted to create an animation of him in Synfig, WITHOUT doing all the hard work over again!!! in other words, what i’m asking is, if synfig has a way to take parts of an image (doesn’t necessarily have to be parts of a character!), and change the position of it, easily, without having to manually create the same object again, in a different angle. the main things i was wanting to change from frame to frame is: 1. the POSITION of an object on the canvas, 2. the ANGLE from which the object is viewed!, and 3. the DIRECTION that the object faces, and maybe few other minor details (WITHOUT having to laboriously create the same thing over and over again, from different positions, and angles!).



Read this tutorial:

Thanks! but does that mean i have to break up my jpg image into several different files, just so that i’ll be able to manipulate my character’s body parts? that SUCKS!!! is there not a better and easier way to do it?

No, there is not any easier way. If you would like an easier way, please write one or wait until someone else does.

OK!!! :frowning: TOO bad!!! i was hoping there was!

but…i suspected that that would be the case, and i’m already in the process of breaking up my image into separate images for each body part!!! i guess i’ll have to do it the traditional way, then!!

But thanks for answering my question!