Is there a way to add frames/second at the beginning of an existing animation?

Is there a way to add (say0 an extra 6-8 seconds at the very beginning of an existing animation? I tried moving the 1st keyframe over the 6-8 seconds but that completely screws up some of most of the subsequent keyframes and waypoints. I did use (hold) the Alt Key as I moved the keyframe.

Thanks for your help.

Hmm, moving keyframes with ALT should work, I just checked it in Synfig 1.0.2.
What’s the problem exactly? Maybe you’re trying to move one keyframe past the next one (that’s not gonna work)? Can you try to move it using ‘Keyframes’ panel just to check there’s nothing broken in GUI?

Go to “Window->Keyframes”. You’ll see list of keyframes, change “Time” of the fisrt one to ‘5s’ and see if it works.

It only happens on the more complicated animations, on the simpler ones I don’t have that issues. I think, that the issue is with some waypoints that I moved past the keyframes that they where originally created, and that makes a complete mess of the waypoints and keyframes. But that is my take for now!

I will try changing on the time window and see if that works. Thanks for helping.

Svarov, note that I want to move the 1st keyframe 6 seconds and all subsequent keypoints to move down 6 seconds also. The first keypoint does not work holding the Alt key, but the second and rest of the keypoints do! A way around it to select the second keypoint+Atl key slide to incrementally not passing over other key points, the select the 1st keypoint and move it 6 seconds.

Selecting the keyframe and then typing on the keyframe windows compress the time of the keyframe.

Thanks for your help.