is Synfig Studio appropriate for this?


I am looking for some free software that i can use for a hobbyist project.
I found Synfig Studio via a quick internet search and am looking to see if it recommended for this.

The context:
I’m taking tiny pixelated 2d sprites from an old game and scaling them up and re-painting them in rich detail.
Many of the sprites have a couple frames of animation.
I"d like to repaint those too, but they need additional animation frames.

So to accomplish this task, i’d like to take the existing sprite, cut it up into component parts like RightForearm, Head, UpperTorso, LeftForerm, RightLegUpper, RightLegLower etc.
Then use some bones in an animation software to position the parts and then view the resultant animation sequence.
Export or take screenshots of the animation sequence to get individual animation frames.
Then re-paint those exported frames in rich detail.

Is Synfig Studio appropriate for something like this or should i try something else?

Hi Jman

I’m new to synfig, but i think i have the hang of it.

It should work, but it sounds like quite a hectic workflow.
I’d suggest remaking high detailed pieces of the sprite, then animate it as much as possible in Synfig.
Then when you export it you can do it at whatever resolution and you wont have to repaint each frame.

But this will probably be up to the look you want to achieve.
As long as you are enjoying it, it doesn’t matter how you do it :slight_smile: