Is Synfig just for drawing my original cartoons?

I don’t need any help drawing the cartoon figures. I can draw my cartoon characters fine even just using a Paint program.

My questions are:

1. If it takes around 1,440 drawings for each 30 seconds, is a site that will store the roughly 44,000 drawings that it will take to make a 30-minute animated cartoon?
2. Are 95% of these 44,000 drawings are going to be “ inbetweens ,” correct?
3. Does Synfig have the ability to create these 44,000 inbetweens?

Maybe I’m expecting something that is not going to be offered free anywhere.

Maybe a little late, but better late than never.

  1. doesn’t store your images. It’s not a web application so the files will be stored on your hard drive. Where you upload the cartoon is another question. You could for example render it to mp4 and upload it to youtube (for free).
  2. That depends on how many frames you actually draw and how many you just want to be interpolateted. Your 95% could be accurate depending on the project.
  3. Yes, but depending on your pc specs it might take a while. Also make sure your local storage doesn’t run out before it completes.

Sidenote: Drawing in Synfig and drawing in Paint are two different processes because one is pixel based and synfig is vector based. (You could do cut out animation if you wanted)

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