is Synfig an internet standart ?

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I know Flash from Macromedia and whant to leave this software for synfig. I 've got several questions about synfig, is this software recognise as a w3c standart ? (I don’t thinck ^^) so, How a synfig’s animation can work on a website ? if I want to do some button animation, will there appear in the navigators and wil there be animated on a rollOver mouse for exemple ?

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I don’t think Synfig is really aimed at website creation. You could use Synfig to make the graphics for website buttons and such, but Synfig doesn’t have anything like actionscript as far as I know. For an open source approach to web graphics/navigation, I’d recommend either CSS/Javascript or, if you’re determined to use Flash, Open Source Flash.


Synfig is only useful for web when exporting animated GIFs. The rest of exports it does are movies and not swf. You’ll need a mpg, avi or ogg player to see the animation or simple put the image sequence into a video editor.


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ps : I’ve just found GPLFlash :slight_smile: I’ll try it !

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