is it possible to render a particular layer?

for example, the sifz file with the layer structure:


then I would like to render “Layer2” only, via “synfig” CLI, is it possible?

I run “synfig --help”, it seems only canvas can be rendered separately by option “-c”.

Ok, I get a workaround in my case, that is using “–time” option :mrgreen:

I guess that you’re working with the new Lock Keyframes button file. Why don’t you use the same technique than in the current file?

Yes, I am.

The reason why I prefer layer based to sub-canvas based workflow is simple, it is easier to compare icons while drawing on one canvas, and even more, I can export some common params and then connect them between icons :slight_smile: this means the icons can be easily to have a consistent looking, and the later fine-tuning job will be easy by adjusting exported params in Children Panel as well :mrgreen:

I don’t have problems connecting parameters with exported value nodes in external canvases…

connected-pasted-canvases.sifz (770 Bytes)