Is it possible to create animator vs animation from Synfig

Hello, Although I’m fond of Alan Becker’s animation creative on wrecking desktop.
but I’m very disappoint that he doesn’t have any skills on other software than just Adobe it’s annoying.
Also I never seen anyone make stickman fighting & rampage on desktop from other software at all.
So I’d like to ask is it possible to do with Synfig? Do I need other kinds of softwares to help with Synfig?
or just Synfig is already enough?

I’m interest about:

  1. Making stickman rampaging on Debian XFCE or Xubuntu desktop.
    By convert Flash tutorials from Alan Becker’s to Synfig or other animation, vdo editing software which kind of rough jobs.
    I never seen anyone making for Linux so I want to make one.
  2. Making my character description on desktop along with my video tutorials something like this:

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Yes, you can absolutely do such animations with Synfig (with skeleton/bones) but you will have to have some prepare for this:

  • Record your tutorial/desktop first
  • Load it in a non-linear video editor and export a sequence as images (try to keep them short)
  • Load the sequence of images in Synfig, as background reference (keep the same image size as the video)
  • Do your animation
  • Remove the background
  • Export the animation as sequence of transparent PNG
  • Import the images in the NLV editor as a new sequence, at the same starting position as the previous one
  • Produce your video

It should be fine :slight_smile: