Is it possible to animate from SVG converted .sif files?

I imported a .sif file (wich was created by Inkscape from an SVG) to Synfig Studio and now I have something called rect4485. When I click on it I can see the nodes and I can drag them around. So far so good, but when I start animation mode and move them around there are no Waypoints/Keyframes createt but the rect is changed constantly for the whole time. Is there a way to animate these nodes? I hope so…

Thanks for your help, I am new to Synfig Studio and want to animate SVGs created with Inkscape to create VIdeos like this:(


Do not import. Instead, open your exported from Inkscape work in a separate tab in Synfig, then copy it (CTRL+C on region/group) and paste it into your main project. When you hit import on sif/sifz file Synfig opens it as a new canvas and that can lead to some unwanted behavior.

Side note: If you’re making an object for animation, always try to make it directly in Synfig. Not all of Inkscape’s features are supported/can be exported to Synfig and you can stuck with half-exported character.