Introducing: Synfig boy


As I was working on something to demo for my talk at LGM, I’ve created this little character that I’m happy to give to synfig project (Creative commons CC-BY-SA -Timothée Giet 2012)
Here is a first walkcycle to make him alive… feel free to reuse the files to learn, or to reuse the character design to make fun animations ;.)
(work in progress, no shading yet)
Webm video here

I though it could contribute to the file collection developers have to test and spot regressions… but I didn’t think it would happen so fast :laughing:
For those who followed my troubles with loop layer, it’s this file situation that I replicated in the simple example file I provided.

Here are two source files:
-the one with time-loop-layer set as it should but loop render is wrong (called “synfigBoy01-TimeLoopIssue.sifz”)
-the one using the dirty workaround I’ve managed to find to make the loop display properly despite the local_time bug (called “synfigBoy01-TimeLoopWorkaround.sifz”)

EDIT: I forgot the imported png is not embed in sifz file (note: would be cool to have a way to embed it in…) so I add the file here.
Character design drawn in Krita, of course ;.) (546 KB)
synfigBoy01-TimeLoopWorkaround.sifz (60.8 KB)
synfigBoy01-TimeLoopIssue.sifz (60.9 KB)

Wow, outstanding drawings!
Good luck with the animation!

Thanks for your comment :smiley:
It gives me motivation to make an awesome anim with it now ;.)

Yeah, looking good!


It looks great!
I can’t wait to see it all :slight_smile:

Very good :smiley:

Me too!!!

Great character, well done! :smiley:

This character has… character! I can’t wait to see dozens of his adventures of all kind by dozens of Synfig animators :wink:
maybe he’ll discover the world… or get stuck in a submarine… or swim… or become a mad scientist… or have kitten… see, I can’t wait :unamused: