Interface Resolution (increasing usable area)

These title bars are so big. I am finding it really difficult to use this limited work space. Can we hide the panel placement interface? I could not see anything about that in the ‘view’ or ‘windows’ menus. I hope someone can please help me.

This is running on Xubuntu, but the results were the same regardless of the DE I used.
Screen Resolution is set at 1366 x 768 (I don’t think I can go any higher)
Synfig Version: 1.0.2

After trying to find an answer to this question on this forum and finding one discussion
[url]New Development Builds (with Gtk3 UI)]
I was not sure if it would be worse to bring back a ‘necropost’ (not being sure how old a post is before it is considered dead)
or duplicating a question.

Hi and welcome danieljames626,
this is a well known problem, discussed a lot of times, which has an easy workaround.
So much common that you will find it attached to my signature :wink: