Integrate Synfig into Krita

Hi, first of all I would love to thank synfig for the hard work in giving us all a free animation software to use.

I’d like to suggest and hope for a version of synfig that is integrated into krita. This would technically make krita’s user synfig users. I’m also thinking about the number of vector tools and bitmap tools that would become available to synfig that would have take years worth of development. Even having features like translate, rotate and scale for bitmap would already make it a powerful animation.

I also think proposing a collaboration with krita might work - they seem interested in working on animation, maybe they lack man power. Combining the forces of krita and synfig would create an entirely more powerful new creature. What do you think? Is this possible?

Good luck :mrgreen:
You have access to the source code of both of them, Krita is Qt5, Synfig is GTK.
You could implement concepts of Synfig in Krita but it would not be Synfig anymore.
And Krita also has its own animation system.