Installing Synfig on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

Hello, I’m having trouble installing Synfig on my Macbook Pro.
I download the .dmg file, press open, once it finishes verifying the file, the Synfig icon just bounces on the dock until I force quit.
I installed XQuartz but it didn’t help.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

Please check it is not coming from GateKeeper, XQuartz is not needed anymore … fig_on_OSX … e-testing/

Don’t forget you could use the latest dev builds :wink:

Thank you for the help but it still won’t run. I don’t have a verification issue. When I press open and it gets verified, it just bounces on the dock.
Nothing opens. I tried the new development build and the same thing happens. Any other solution maybe? Do I have to install macports?

Depending the version you can try the MacPorts (for 1.0.2, which outdated and not recommended)
Another “safe” option is to use a VirtualBox with a Linux distro inside, you can even use seamless mode to have Synfig “floating” in your Mac environment.
As this Mac OS X is relatively new, you could try to build Synfig from scratch, the DMG could have been produced with an outdatedset of libraries.
Try to start synfigstudio from a console, you may have error messages giving us more details :wink:

It opened! All I did was restart the computer and it started working for some reason. Didn’t even change anything.
Thank you for the help!

Another proof Mac OS X and Windows are converging :mrgreen:
Have fun with Synfig!