Installing Synfig binaries on Fedora 18

I’m just trying out GNOME on Fedora 18. There are two points to note about installing the Synfig binaries on here:

i) You need to install the old version of libpng (1.2) for Synfig Studio to work - this is not installed by default in Fedora and hasn’t been listed as a dependency in the Synfig Studio rpm package

ii) In Fedora 18 you can only install packages as root, so no more clicking on the RPM file on the website and getting Synfig to install, sadly.

For me seems to be normal, authentication before installation … ? i mean for basic security … nan ?
Or, are you talking about THE root ? (nor simply kind of su/sudo/gksudo ?)


It may have been patched by now, but when I tried to install Synfig by clicking on the icon on the website it failed to install even after being authenticated correctly - this is different to Fedora 17.