Installing problem with Vista - fixed

I did everything as told, including getting the THG Task Assignment Manager as shown on the How to -video (thanks for that bytheway, it was very helpfull). Nevertheless my computer replied with “The procedure entry point libiconv_set_relocation_prefix could not be located in the dynamic link library iconv.dll.”

I found this on your FAQ: “If you get the same error but with inconv.dll or libxml2.dll you should look for old versions of these DLLs in your Windows directory and rename them to icov.dll.bak and libxm2.dll.bak.” but I didn’t dare to change anything, since on your FAQ it’s about inconv.dll and my problem seems to be with iconv.dll, and I just don’t know enough to even try to change this iconv.dll to icov.dll.bak, because I have no idea what might happen. Actually I’m quite surprised I got this far :smiley:

Any ideas on what shoul I do?

Be brave!
iconv.dll is a library of functions that allow programs to convert character sets. What is happening is that Synfig is trying to access a function in iconv.dll and not finding that function. I suspect the problem that you’re running into is that you have another application (such as Gimp or Inkscape) that also uses a version of that dll, and installed an older/different version into a directory that’s earlier in your PATH (e.g. the Windows directory) than the one Synfig is looking for. For example, on my PC, it’s installed in c:\GTK\bin, C:\Program Files\Ethereal, C:\Program Files\GIMP\bin, C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation, C:\Program Files\Inkscape and others…

Synfig is looking for the one in c:\GTK\bin, and that’s first in my path.

Renaming the file just stops Synfig from finding the other (older?) version of the file before the one in c:\GTK\bin. If you run into problems with your other application, you can rename it back again…

I’ll fix the FAQ - looks like pabs made a typo when he typed inconv… (I don’t have an inconv.dll on my system)

Give me a shout if you have further questions.

Thank you so much!
Seems it’s working OK now. As a matter of fact, it actually seems to have cleared out some problems Gimp was having while starting up :smiley: