Industrial Garbage

I’m currently moving my short animation over from Blender to Synfig and I’m trying out some tests. The short is called Industrial Garbage and it’s about a recon robot that enters the enemy’s base of operations. Script, concept art, storyboards, and storyreel have already been completed, so it’s time to animate.

Here are the two main robot characters (no, they won’t fall in love):

Here is a test animation of scene 2 shot 1:

The background was done in Inkscape. I’m still learning Synfig so I expect progress to be slow in the beginning. Thanks to pixelgeek for answering my masking question in IRC the other day.


Nice mood to the scene.
Is that thrash can running into the wall? If so you could have a little bounce, a recoil from hitting the wall. Get a little life to an otherwise static motion.