Industrial Garbage

Synopsis: In another effort to stop the evil corporation, the Good Guys send an unexpected spy into the enemy’s engineering building.

I started the initial tests for this little animation back in 2009, but only began to work sporadically on it over the past two years. Progress has been slow as expected, but I’ve come to a point where I can share some of the tests I’ve done.

I’ve finished tests for the first three scenes. This is Scene 3:

Synfig and Blender was used for the animations. Inkscape for the backgrounds. And Blender VSE for the editing.

Here are some background test images from the first few scenes:

Nice work. Been following those posts. Becomes better and better and very intriguing with every test/scene.

Finally had some time to work on some backgrounds for the next scene.

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Some more backgrounds.

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Ok. Now the big boys are coming out to play:



Still chugging along with Part 2 of the short. This time an image of the top secret project: Jersey Devil.

The original 3d model is Koschei The Deathless from the Morevna project. From Blender, I used the svg export plugin to export the animation. And then did some minor post-pro in Inkscape.

I posted the completed Part 1 here: Industrial Garbage (Part 1)

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Nice visuals! How did you exported the outline renders from blender?

@lgolden Thanks. From Blender, go to Preferences and enable the freestyle svg export plugin. It’s actually pretty easy to figure out once you enable the plugin.

Ooops, I´m so desperately wanting LANPR that I forgot about that addon! :sweat_smile: Thank you!

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