Inactive verticies rendered by software renderer

At the bottom left of this image I’m showing the outline of an Advanced Outline plus the black line which shows what is being rendered.


There’s an inactive vertex between the two bottom left vertices but it is being rendered even when it is inactive (Mark Activepoint as “Off”) so the software renderer is rendering incorrectly but the Cairo ducks renderer is correct.

inactive-test.sifz (1.92 KB)

I’m attaching a simple file that demonstrates the bug. Select the outline layer and that compare what it does to the rendered shapes as you move along the timeline.

What happens is that the active point is animated.
Looking at your file Vertex 001 is off at fr.0 but set active at fr.30. It then gets animated from off to on.
Either delete the on/off waypoint at fr30 or, if you want the vertex to suddenly appear, set an off waypoint at fr.29. It will then jump from off (fr.29) to on (fr.30). You can’t set the interpolation of those greyed waypoints to stepped, therefore having to add an extra waypoint…

Thanks David. You’re absolutely right - I was very, very silly. I’ve just been chatting to Carlos about my stupidity here! :blush:

I’ll have to add some information about this to the wiki so other people don’t get confused like I did.

We should make it obvious for any user and not obscure like it is now.
So Dave, thanks for the bug report and the wiki correction!

I also had problems with this in the past. Now I know how it works…
Glad you also know now.