Inactive Google Account? Beware deletion!

Please be aware that in a few, Google will start to delete accounts after 2 years of inactivity.
It means they will delete all the files on Drive, Photos, Youtube…
Some of you may have old accounts not used for a while, don’t lose your videos or photos, they will not come back.
The solution is to have some activity, even a little one like to read your emails.
I suggest to use an email client (like Thunderbird) and to access all your accounts from there; just opening Thunderbird would keep alive your accounts as it will check all the corresponding mailboxes.
Don’t wait for December to do it :wink:

We will again lose a lot of Internet memories, like with Imgur recently :confused:

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Also good to notice there is (almost) the same for iCloud account, but it is only 1 year of inactivity before deletion…