Improvements for the Forums

Hi everyone!

You probably noticed that forums had some downtime and a few hiccups at the beginning of this week.
That’s because we have moved them to a new server, with more disk space and better performance.
I really wanted to have seamless migration, but it didn’t worked out.
Anyway, now everything is fixed!

This is actually just a beginning of the work on improving the forums.
I think it would be nice to have some reorganizations in forum’s structure, to make them more support-oriented and have less off-topic stuff.

Also, I think it would be nice to add a Solved plugin and Assign plugin.
We have used both plugins in Morevna Project and they greatly enhanced our communication productivity. For Synfig forums it should play very well for providing support to users, answering their questions, etc.

Will be happy to hear your opinions about that. :slight_smile:


Let’s try these 2 plugins :wink:

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Can you install them, please? :blush:

Already done since my last reply, Boss :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m glad I can login again now. For several days I had a ‘cannot login from this IP address’ error message. This was despite getting a new IP address by rebooting my router. Anyway, glad to be able to comment again :slight_smile:

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The origin of the issue has been identified :wink:


By the way, there is someone complaining about not being able to log in via Patreon anymore.

Yes, it is the same, because of the change of infrastructure, @KonstantinDmitriev is aware of it :wink:


For who is concerned, please try again with log in via Patreon :grinning:


Awesome! Thank you so much!
I have enabled Solved plugin for two categories of the forum:

I have made some reorganization of categories and made some improvements for forums. :slight_smile:

1. Topics on the main page

Now we have most useful categories showcased at the main page -

  • “Support” category is at the top of the page for easier access.
  • “Tutorial development” category renamed to “Tutorials” and placed to the homepage root. The category is intended for new tutorials made by Synfig community.
  • New category “Assets & Templates” is intended to collect various reusable stuff - like character rigs, object collections, useful templates (YOW Sliders and Jake Rig by @Khemardi are good examples, hope to see them posted there soon :wink: ).
  • “Scripting” category now renamed to “Plugins” and moved to the homepage. Let’s collect Synfig plugins there.

2. Improved topic list

Topics in “Tutorials”, “Assets & Templates”, “Plugins” and “Artwork” categories now display thumbnail images (1) -

The thumbnailing is possible thanks to this addon.

The topic thumbnail is generated from the first image in the first post.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t works for videos.

If you wish to add a thumbnail to your post, but keep this image invisible, then you can use this trick: add image as regular upload and then specify its size as “1x1”. This will scale inserted image to 1x1 px size which is effectively invisible.


I invite you to add thumbnails to your posts in mentioned categories to make your posts stand out from the crowd. :wink:

One more addition is a column, showing the number of likes for each topic (2). You can even sort topics by count of likes!

I have used an advice form this post to add this functionality.

3. Plans for further modifications

I am proposing to make following changes to forums structure:

  1. Remove “Off-topic discussions” subcategory (under “General” category).
  2. Remove “Non-Synfig” subcategory (under “Artwork” category).

Reason for both proposals above: I assume the forums are intended for discussing Synfig-related stuff. Unrelated stuff should be discussed in some other place.

By “removing” subcategory I assume that we can make them hidden and locked for further posting.

  1. I suggest to merge all current subcategories of “Support” category into one subcategory called “English”. And then move all subcategories of “Non English Forums” to “Support” category.

  2. I suggest to remove “Morevna Project” sub-category from “Artwork” category. I can selectively merge Synfig-related posts to “Artwork” category, but in general there are no need for this separate category anymore.

Please let me know what you think about the proposals. :slight_smile:

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I added the “Sidecar” plugin to Discourse as a complement for the thumbnail system in the topics list.
The main advantage is the possibility to select which image will be used as a thumbnail (where you can change the topic’s name and the tags in the posts.

As a complement for thumbnailing topics with videos, please note this:

  • You must upload the image of the thumbnail, it can’t be linked on an external server.
    Like displayed in the capture by Konstantin, it starts with upload://

  • Download the Youtube thumbnail of your video on your disk, it can be found at the following address:

  • Drag’n’drop it in the post’s editor, it will appear with the upload:// address

  • Include this address in the following format, before any other image:

  • or select the thumbnail from the list given in the Topic Meta Editor (near of the tags)

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Awesome! Thank you so much!

@moderators @admins:
In case of modification of the meta of a thread or adding a thumbnail,
don’t forget to use “Reset Bump Date” option in Topic Actions,
it avoids the thread considered as recently modified :wink:

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