Importing SVG crashes Synfig

Attempts to import SVG files created with Inkscape are about 20% likely to work. Either Synfig dies messily, or it locks up. Any suggestions?

From Inkscape, save the SVG to Plain SVG and then try again at Synfig with the saved one.

Actually, I noted that I was running off an older version of synfig (damn Ubuntu repositories), so I downloaded the newest version.

Still crashed. :frowning:

Creating a plain SVG did not work; synfigstudio still crashed.

Removing all blur from the image, however, did work. So I think that there may be a problem with handling gaussian blur under synfigstudio.

Can you share the original SVG that crashed Synfig Studio? The original from Inkscape without save it to plain SVG)

I’d rather not. :slight_smile: Customer confidentiality. However, I’ll put together a new SVG, try to force the crash, and submit that.

When I import one with text not on path the import just “hangs”

When I import that same svg but with text placed on path it crashes.

synfigstudio[6841]: segfault at c3340004 ip 04f04817 sp bfd5b4fc error 5 in[4e97000+157000]

Please be suer that you have loaded it previously at Inkscape and saved it as Plain SVG before load it into Synfig Studio (version 0.62.02)
Anyway, there are some glitches when import texts.

i did just that…crash

I can’t actually reproduce a crash on my computer. (Granted, I’m running a development version of Synfig). The file that you attached doesn’t import correctly for me either, I’ll try to see if I can track down the problem.

Debugging notes:
I am getting an “exception caught” message, so there’s a chance that some exception handling or assert statements are only enabled in the debug environment

I also found two bugs in the SVG code, which are probably unrelated to the crashes:
#1: Several SVG path commands (V/H/v/h) don’t work correctly. I think I have a patch that fixes this, but I haven’t actually compiled it yet.

#2: The white areas inside letters like “p” or “e” render as black.
svg.patch.txt (1.29 KB)

At least we have a svg to work with :wink:

I am running the synfigstudio package that ubuntu software center provided me (0.62.00).
Inkscape 0.48.0 r9654