Importing jpg - solid colour for background

Hi Synfig forum,

When I import a jpg (created on my iPad using ArtStudio) the object I’ve drawn, along with the ‘white’ background gets imported. This means when I try to import body parts (say body, arm, leg, head) I can’t import just the raw body part without the background white colour. Therefore, I can’t layer as I had hoped to make a body, because I’ve effectively imported body parts on a rectangular white background jpg and I block out body pets when I layer (Hope this makes sense).

I wanted to use this approach so I didn’t have to draw in synfig. Is this possible?

PS. I drew my initial body part on a transparent layer in Art Studio, but I noticed, when I imported it to my iPad Library, it automatically created a white background.


Maybe in the program you use, or you will have to find another “GIMP” is a forum favourite, find the “colour to alpha” feature. And set that colour to white. “Alpha is” image lingo for “nothing”.

The image format for the exported background from your raster application, must support alpha channel (Transparency). Please check that it supports it: … al_details

When you create a new file in Artstudio and select “White and Transparent” the program creates two layers: The first layer is White and the second one, the one you are actually drawing on, is Transparent. Before exporting make sure you delete the first White layer and export to PNG to keep the transparency. After importing the PNG into synfig it should not have a white background anymore.