Importing Issues

I am having some issues importing the image I have attached. Every time I have imported it into synfig synfig has frozen and crashed. The image also does not look the same as when I last changed it in Inkscape. (I have actually attached a different file because I don’t know how to make the other file smaller - when I open it in synfig I still have the same issue with it not looking the same as it did in Inkscape.)

Okay I tried attaching the image but since I can’t import svgs here I have attached a screen shot of a side-by-side comparison of what my image looks like in Inkscape compared to Synfig.

Try to save the svg from Inkscape to Plain SVG format. Then import that file into synfig. That would help to prevent the crash
Regarding the bad imported colors it is a known issue with some files. Maybe can be solved soon thanks to nikitakit work.


Do you have any idea when .63 will be out? Or the version where this will be fixed? No pressure…btw :confused:

Luckily we can have development snapshots in a few weeks. Meanwhile the corrections for the svg import are not merged into the master branch we can not release a new version. Probably it can be 0.62.01 (tiny changes) not 0.63.00 (big change) :wink: