Imported animation use multiple instances with seperate time offsets

I have a problem using my imported animation more than once with other time offset.

Here is my setup: I have a file animation.sifz which have an animation from 1f to 24f.
Then I have a file scene.sifz where I have imported the animation.sifz.

I copy the imported layer, so it is twice in the scene. Now I thought if I give one of the layers a time offset of -24f the first layer starts on 1f and the second layer on 24f. But every time I change one of the both import layers this effekts also the other.

Is this a bug or do I something wrong? Is there a way to disconnect the two import layer?

Thanks for any help!

It’s not a bug, but that’s how it works.

I also expected it to work in the way are expecting it.

Please read the above thread, there are explanation on how it affects the animation and also workarounds to solve the issue.

Thanks for the hint.

I could do the job by using a workaround with some script magic. I wrote a script that detect changes on my animation.sifz file and than copy it to files named animation_01.sifz … animation_70.sifz. In my scene.sifz I imported the 70 animation copies. I does this by editing the xml directly.

So now when I change the animation and save it all copies are updated.

This works fine for me.