Import SVG not working

Hi to all,
I would like to request your support to fix my issue in importing SVG in Synfig.
I am used to draw in inkscape and tried without success the proposed solution in the forum (save as “plain svg” or “syf” in inkscape before to import).

When I import them… the picture:

  • is very small and out from center of screen
  • and same parts of picture are missing (i.e the eye) … this is the main issue :frowning:
  • wording is missing
  • layer name is different

I did same pictures for a no-profit organizzation, but they cold be better if animated thanks to synfig :slight_smile:

attached the SVG file.
of course I will upload in community my animations if able to import
thanks and regards, Fabio
2016-06-19 AIRonMAN blu4.svg
2016-06-24 inceneritore moldor.svg

Hi there,

Inkscape is for drawing and its set of tools is very different from Synfig. For example, eyes are missing because they’re done using Inkscape’s ellipse tool for which there’s no analog in Synfig, so object is getting dropped while exporting. In conclusion, your work is too complex to export it directly to Synfig.

I guess you can export your work as PNG of desired resolution and work with raster images or redraw everything in Synfig. Both ways aren’t very good, but I can’t think of something better.

Hi, really thanks for prompt feedback
I replaced ellipse and wrong imported figures successfully

my only real issue now… it’s that the layer and related “rotation, scale” axis are distant.
so when i try to join layer with skeleton the rotation is not working fine

do you know if possible to re-align layer with “rotation, scale” axis
( i mean the parts underlined in attachment)

No reply needed
I solved the issue in inkscape

Thanks !