Import problem with svg illustrator

I’ve created an SVG file with Adobe Illustrator, but when import it into Synfig the colored inside part is always black!
in attached 2 example images.
Can someone help me?
Could it be a problem with program settings?

sorry for the typing error but i’m not english.


Hi, sorry i cant see one of the pics, I can only aee the ilustrator one, are you try to change the order of the layers en synfig?

Thank you for the reply
yes i try, but the problem remain.

I try to change program (Inkscape) but there is an other problem, when import the svg in synfig, the object are in different position respect the original drawing.

I need to do an animation for the 10th anniversary with my girlfriend and i dont’know to solve all this problems.


Are you try to select the outline layers and check the thickness of the line in the paremeters panel?

In general I preffer make the vector on synfig

Dome examples:
This my:

This of Van Chatto

It tries to happen it before by inkscape and save it like “svg simple”