import path loops points

I have the April 27th release of synfig 1.0 and the latest release of Inkscape, 0.91.

When I convert text to a path and save it as a plain svg file, then import it into synfig, the letter C in the attached is all messed up… it looks like the tangent points are backwards. I tried “reverse tangent” on the points but that doesn’t fix it.

Any ideas?

DO NOT import SVG directly from Inkscape to Synfig Studio (even if it is saved as plain SVG). That code is not longer maintained.
Better export from Inkscape to sif format. svg2sif exported module is included by default in Inkscape since 0.49.
Here is your file exported to sif from Inkscape 0.92
VTC.sif (38.4 KB)