Import multiple PNG images as separate layers? [SOLVED]

Is there a way to import multiple PNG files at once? (as individual layers, not as a single-layer image sequence).

I’m doing some cut-out animation and it seems that I can only import PNGs via Ctrl+I, then navigating to a single file in the dialogue, then putting the resulting layer in the correct group structure, then repeat for all the other images.

It would be ideal if I could drag/import a folder with PNGs in multiple subfolders, which would result in correctly organised groups within my synfig project.
Is there any way to achieve this?

Open Windows Explorer and Synfig. Select all the files you want to import and drag them onto the canvas in Synfig. They will import all at once in their own (Switch) Layers. Tested in Wwindows on the latest dev version.

aha! of course, onto the canvas! I had been trying to drag them onto the Layers window… thank you :slight_smile: