import .mp4 video

HeyGuys, need help.
I just want to import some little .mp4 files to synfig using windows7. For that I have to create a png-sequenz as .lst-file with the nautilus-script I read. But I dont get it, how to do. Couse I cant find the nautilus-script for windows just for OS and gnome. Could anybody help me with that problem?
Thanks and happyeaster, greetz from Germany.

open cmd.exe and write dir /w *png > secuencer.lst and edit secuencer.lst

Hey bazza!
Thanks for helping, but -sorry- I still dont get it how to do.
Open cmd.exe, write dir /w *png > secuencer.lst and than? Do I have to replace “secuencer” with my .mp4-file and just change the ".mp4" to “.lst”?
When I do that, I create a *.lst-file and I could import it to Synfig but cant play it.
So Could you please tell me in simple steps how to do it?

Okay nice, Ive got it!
Thanks dude!