Import from Inkscape retain dimensions


Hi Everybody,

I’m just starting my Synfig journey, so I might miss something obvious, but I have the following problem.
I’ve created the simplest drawing in Inkscape: a red square on a 1280 x 720 document.
When I export it from Inkscape and import it in Synfig, the dimensions change. The origin of the file seems placed randomly, and the scale is all wrong. I tried with Optimzed SVG, SVG and SIF, but all suffer the same problem: I need to move and scale extensively to get the image in view. When I repeat this process, I will have differently scaled items and I want to primarily draw in Inkscape and animate in Synfig, so I need to have this consistent.

Can anybody clarify what’s happening here? :slight_smile:





Hi @bazza

Thank you for your answer. Bus as I use the latest version of Inkscape, this extension is already in Inkscape.
And as I stated in the origional question, I tried this fileformat too. The changes in scale still occur…




To my does not work me the import SVG therefore, i use this extension.
i have inskcape 0.92