[Image] Slow Start Fan Art - Blooming Memories

Featuring Hana Ichinose and Tamate Momochi from Slow Start

Probably the most complicated artwork i’ve ever done so far… :sweat_smile:
it has some inconvenient layer placements, weird shade layering, background full of flowers which can cause lag very often, some other things,…

but the craziest part is of course, once again, the ginormous layer count!
(i think this one’s can go up to 1000, haven’t counted them properly yet, but definitely way higher than ‘Sweet Treats’ :thinking: )

So once again, if you want to explore the file, please use the most recent stable version and proceed with caution :wink:
(disabling autosave for a while and using multithread cpu might could help in some ways, at least that was based on my experience while drawing this Fan Art)

BloomingMemories.sifz (752.3 KB)

Fun Fact : Hana (花) means ‘Flower’ in Japanese Language :bulb: