[Image] Power Nap

“Can we rest for a bit…?”
“I don’t know…”
“C’mon, i’m really tired, brother…”
“Alright, fine. Just 5 minutes, okay?”

This one actually only took about 1 and a half weeks
What makes it longer though is that this is my second try

my first try was a different drawing. But i decided to stall it out after 2 weeks of trying because it’s just… hard… :persevere:
and finishing it will take way longer than 2 weeks (the problem is in color detailing)
maybe i’ll get to that in some other time in the future :neutral_face:

oh, and that bench? i textured the whole top part one by one, then duplicate and apply that texture to other bench planks (same goes to the bushes) :bulb:
And i almost feel crazy because of it :face_with_head_bandage:

And here’s the source as usual :wink: :
Power Nap.sifz (304.1 KB)