[Image] Lunchtime? Lunchtime!

Alright, finally finished another drawing that came to existence for no clear reason! xD

Started this one about 1-2 months ago after sorting out some real life stuff. I made this one to brush up my drawing skill again after a long break. Not sure why I picked this angle though… ._.v

Other than that (and other small details), it should be all there is, hopefully… :no_mouth:?

Here's the first, 'cursed' version in case you're curious

So yeah, this took almost 2 months, but most of that time was spent on resting, experimenting with Synfig’s converters & valuenodes, and planning out my layer tree; especially when it comes to details like shades, highlights, and textures (i.e. how to restrict/mask them properly), almost lost my mind overthinking that one (>0<;). I even ended up making several backups everytime I’m about to do some experiments in case I break everything somehow. :upside_down_face:
(Oh, and also the hair! It’s my second time trying out detailing them like that after Comfy Box; which y’all can find in this post here: https://forums.synfig.org/t/image-comfy-box-idk-why-i-made-this-v , so that cost me some time too.)

As for the valuenodes and converters, I decided to give it a shot and made several handles and switches that I can use to translate my canvas less destructively (i.e. can be set back to its original size and orientation more easily). I also did a bit of linking points to splines for more controlled adjustments.
(btw, I didn’t export angle points directly, because for some reason it won’t work properly when the point is moved from the valuenode panel; drag and dropping it to a different position will cause that point to jump erratically :interrobang:. So instead, I converted it to ‘real’ first, then link it to spline afterwards).

Overall, there’s alot of room for improvement on this one, maybe better colors and additional details (shades, textures, highlights, etc.) would help. But I think this still looks pretty good to me, probably my best work so far (imho). Besides, I want to finish this one quickly (or at the very least before the 1st day of 2024), so I can focus on projects that I actually want to work on (and maybe the ones that are more thought out :sweat_smile:)


Left hand of the girl holding the chopsticks is wrong. The thumb and the chopsticks should be inwards.

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Oh Yeah, you’re right!! I got a bit confused at first, until I tried replicating it myself. Then I realized just now that I got the orientation of the hand wrong… :upside_down_face:

Thanks alot for the input! Will change that part real soon~ :+1:

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You’re welcome.
The best way to visualize any pose is by using yourself and the mirror, specially while drawing hand poses. I’ve seen many artists do it this way.

Waiting for your next drawing project. :blush::+1:

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