[Image] KinMosa Fan Art - 5th April

So… why 5th April?

Because it’s the birthday of a character from one of my favourite anime, Alice Cartelet from Kiniro Mosaic (eng. Golden Mosaic). :tada::cake:

This drawing actually has been drawn a long time ago. In fact, i started it on 4th April, and got it done before 5th April ends, just in time to celebrate along! :blush:

Below is the source file in zip, containing the sifz file and external resources that were used in this drawing; the specific font and an airmail border ^-^

Note :

  • If the file won’t open at all in dev version, try using the most recent stable version (1.2.2), since this was drawn on that exact version of Synfig Studio.

  • If the sifz doesn’t display the drawing correctly, try reimport the airmail border image included in the zip, or install the font and do a small workaround to ensure it’s working properly, depends on the issue.
    Guide for the font workaround can be found here :

  • And also the layers are still a bit of structural mess as usual. :neutral_face:

Source :
5thApril_pack.zip (167.2 KB)