Image import to key frame

Good day Folks
Why is it an image import to a key frame appear to mask the complete animation?

Hi and welcome among us :slight_smile:

In Synfig, when you add a Layer (including an imported image), it exists from the beginning, this is normal.

If you really want this image to appear only at the time of your keyframe, you need to:

  • Select your imported image layer
  • Go to the first frame and set Opacity parameter to 0 (transparent)
  • Right-click on the Waypoint and make it “Constant”
  • Go to your Keyframe, switch to Animation Mode and set Opacity to 1 (opaque)
  • Right-click on the Waypoint and make it “Constant”

That’s all :wink:

Thank you, Bob, that helps a great deal
Have a good day