[Image] GochiUsa Fan Art - Sweet Treats

I think i’ve made too much of these already :sweat_smile:

Anyway, this was supposed to get finished about a month ago, but there was a lot of things going on here (including my vacation)

Just a fan art of same characters with different situations :kissing_smiling_eyes:

while drawing this fan art, i did several changes on layering structures, with the biggest mess is in the shading part. The layers are currently in a huge structural mess, in overall :thinking:

just remember to be patient (or use draft and low res mode) while opening and exploring the sifz file, it packs a lot of lags in it :wink:

sweettreats.zip (666.5 KB)

Quick Edit :
My Apologies, i forgot to add one more thing :neutral_face:
As for now, the sifz file can only be opened in Synfig Version Stable 1.2.2 or lower, or Development Version Lower Than 1.3.11

Opening the sifz file in version 1.3.11 will resulting in neverending render process,
please check this github ticket below for more details


I should draw more with Synfig, most of the time if I don’t have at least 4 hours free to animate, I don’t do a thing. Do much more of this! :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you very much! :blush:

i’m planning to do this kind of thing at least once a month, to polish up my drawing skills and layering techniques :bulb:

And once i’m getting better (and i hope Synfig too :smile:), i do want to give a try on animating in anime style, frame-by-frame-like animation :wink:
it’s a tough one, but i’m sure it’s possible :kissing:

I’m agree as well! :grinning:
Actually, that’s how i feel when i finally got this one done :blush:

Not just because of the result, but also i feel much more improving if i compare it to my previous artworks,
i also learn more and more about layering techniques in synfig :bulb:

tiny mouths are the cutest thing from Anime.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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yup, it’s one of the charm points of Anime :heart_eyes:!

Just another small announcement : :bulb:

I’ve managed to record and upload the video of this fan art’s exploration (as per usual)
Well, at least i tried my best (^-^;)

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