[Image] GochiUsa Fan Art - Morning Sweeping

Heyyyyy, I’m back again after like… years? (actually more like months) :sweat_smile: :wave:

Anyway, here’s another fan art that I finally got done while trying to push my butt off procrastination.

This time it’s another GochiUsa fan art, titled ‘Morning Sweeping’ featuring Chiya Ujimatsu from… well… GochiUsa.

Fun fact, this was all started as one night/day challenge where I tried to make a simple drawing from scratch in just a night (or day, if I couldn’t do that last one). But I failed to do so. I barely made any progress since I just started drawing for real again after quite a break (in before I only did scribbles and sketches in Synfig), and my drawing skill got pretty rusty :upside_down_face:. So I decided to fully commit on this one and turn it into another extremely complex project.

Yes, this is another one of those drawings with many intricate details (and probably way too many), this time featuring some proper textures, shades, and highlights. Sure, it’s not as crazy as my previous one, but it’s still complicated as ever!

Yeah, the layer tree was quite a mess, obviously.
Also btw the final time it took me to finish this one, with time spent on rests, procrastinations, and real life busyness stuff added, was about 2-3 months. So… there you go. :grin: