[Image] GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class Fan Art - Say Hi!

I finally got some spare time to draw something after few months of being busy.
And because i haven’t drawn anything for quite a long time, i decided to try starting again from a simple pose to train myself a bit, like this one! :relaxed:


As usual, the sifz file for this one is at the end of this post,
and as usual (again), it’s another structural mess, so i pretty much advise to use the latest stable version to browse this file (ver. 1.2.2) and play with layers’ visibility for safety.

Oh by the way, i made 2 more variations for her facial expression, so you can make her do the happy smile, and/or maybe give her some blushies!
Just give these layers a check and it’s all good! :wink:



And again, here’s the file you need to start with

HiKisa.sifz (271.9 KB)

As how i’d normally do, new art, means a new showcase video.
So here’s a short video showcasing this artwork in a little more depth!