[Image] GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class Fan Art - Say Hi!

I finally got some spare time to draw something after few months of being busy.
And because i haven’t drawn anything for quite a long time, i decided to try starting again from a simple pose to train myself a bit, like this one! :relaxed:


As usual, the sifz file for this one is at the end of this post,
and as usual (again), it’s another structural mess, so i pretty much advise to use the latest stable version to browse this file (ver. 1.2.2) and play with layers’ visibility for safety.

Oh by the way, i made 2 more variations for her facial expression, so you can make her do the happy smile, and/or maybe give her some blushies!
Just give these layers a check and it’s all good! :wink:



And again, here’s the file you need to start with

HiKisa.sifz (271.9 KB)

As how i’d normally do, new art, means a new showcase video.
So here’s a short video showcasing this artwork in a little more depth!


Heyyy… um, sorry for bumping such an old thread, but… I can’t believe that I haven’t share this yet.

So, this fan-art. I actually made a step-by-step basic process on how I draw and color this drawing, consisting of 2-part videos. But for some reason I Totally forgot to share this to y’all. So I’ll be adding links to those 2 videos in this post in case anyone interested to find out how I work (struggling) on this drawing.

Here’s part 1 where I explained how I construct all of the vector outlines.

And here’s part 2 where I explained how I create and color regions for each of those outlines.
Note that this one is alot more scuffed than part 1 since I recorded this unscripted, and I couldn’t go through all of the coloring details (like shading, masking, etc.) due to hardware limitations (a.k.a my laptop specs are bad). But I did explain the very basics of it, and that should be enough to get you going (if you still want to use this of course :grin:). I also went through some of the coloring examples from my Kisa-chan fan art to give some more ideas on how this works.

And also, that part 2 was made 2 YEARS after part 1 got uploaded. So… that’s that (Look, it’s hard for me to get motivated, 'aight? :sweat_smile:)


Don’t be shy and please publish your Youtube channel info in the new “Tutorials” section :slight_smile:
It is always a pleasure to see you and your art :slight_smile:


Ayyyy thanks alot for that! ^-^/

Yeah, I might consider posting these in the tutorial section as well. These methods aren’t exactly the best, and there are alot of better ways to achieve the same result. But sure, I’ll try to put these up in there when I got the time~ :wink: