[Image] 2 Mini Drawings

I decided to spend last month to refine my drawing techniques (especially in color mixing for CG style images), start from as simple as lighter lineart, and it goes a bit more into a bit different way to shade

one of them is a fan art of a round rabbit named Tippy (from an anime series)


Another one is… um… yeah…, a chibi me (i’m not that cute in real life) :expressionless:


Should i upped the sources here…? (i feel a bit uneasy for the fanart ones :thinking:) :neutral_face:

I also have been decided to record myself talking about my Synfig drawings (in which i’m not really good at it yet, but i do feel like i’m improving every time :roll_eyes: ) , including this one. Link to this one (Episode 3) is right down below

oh, by the way, could you guys give me some sort of support for the channel, maybe Like and Share it for a start (or subscribe is fine too)…? :thinking:
Link’s right here!!

Or even if it’s just critics, suggestions, and ideas, that is fine too… :wink:
just give it what it’s worth for! :bulb: