[Image] 2 GochiUsa Fan Arts

These are 2 more fan arts of two (or three, if you the fluffy one) characters from an anime series called Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? (in short, GochiUsa)

These drawings were supposed to test a different layering workflow for my drawing techniques :bulb:
(and they’re some of my fave anime characters :blush:)

the shading part is where i got troubled the most, as how i start the layering will affects how the shade layering and colors will turn out :persevere:

The entire layers’ structure ended up being unique, and i like it!! :smile:
it’s still not fast (maybe a bit slower :sweat_smile:), but seems way more stable when used in advanced composition and masking :thinking::kissing_smiling_eyes:

this one is Fan Art of Hotto Cocoa (Cocoa), and Tippy (that fluffy on her head)
HotCocoa.sifz (185.9 KB)

and this one is FanArt of Kafuu Chino
It has a better layering structure than the last one, because i continued it after finshed the Cocoa one and finally got the structure right! :relaxed:
(This drawing was still in form of finished lineart before that) :neutral_face:
ShySisterWrFl2.sifz (150.1 KB)


oh, a quick tip by the way :bulb:

i was able to create multiple regions from the same outline (and keeping them all linked) using this trick :arrow_down_small:

Just in case if you guys wondering… (^-^)

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Cute pictures!
The multiple regions trick is also very helpful. Thanks!

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hi, you’re welcome! :blush:

Oh, by the way, if you have any question regarding about the drawing (layer structures and some other specific case), you can ask me (and maybe adding screenshot or the sifz file as well if it’s possible, as it could help a lot for me to identify the problem :mag_right: :thinking:)
i’ll try to answer them if it’s possible to be solved :bulb:

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just a small announcement: :bulb:

I managed to record a video explaining these 2 drawings in brief detail, and now it’s finally uploaded :film_strip:
Yeah, it’s a bit blurry, looks like the OBS settings is a bit off to the side :neutral_face:

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