I'm trying to figure out how to make an animation

Okay. I have a cat picture. I figured out how to get it on Synfig. I can turn it into a PNG from Canva. So I want to make one of the cats eyes wink. It has one eye open and one eye closed. Should I just cut out and duplicate the eye and I don’t know draw it slowly closing? Is that a good way to approach it?

You can use a Switch layer with eye closed/eye open as possibilities.
Don’t forget to use animation mode when doing the change of layer.

You can do a cutout or just displaying the eye in the “non original state” over the picture.
There is not specific approach, it is up to you to decide :wink:

Also Synfig is vector animation first, use of pictures/cutout is for convenience.
But you can use cutout of a character and use a skeleton for example.

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