I'm really excited!

Lately I’ve been dreaming of these 2 cartoons that I want to make. I know for sure one is going to be in 2d and it’s gonna be a short like Spy vs. Spy but a bit longer. Anyway I saw the video posted of the 2 kids in the sewer trying to get away from the soldiers and I was inspired and knew this was the program I needed. I haven’t drawn in almost 7 years tho and I was sort of average drawing DBZ pix and stuff. I was wondering, If I want the best out of my animation if I should draw out everything in 3’s (Like map the movement or eyes blinking), scan it, then make it with synfig or what? also, what size are you guys’ finished product for a video like a minute long? I’ve got tons more questions but I’m drawing blanks now and will ask later when I remember. Thanks in advance.

ps: I have a tablet. Is it possible for me to just sketch with my stylus? will the results be the same as paper and pencil?

Hello and welcome!

Blocking out on paper, scan and animate in Synfig would be a good workflow but as you use the drawn animation only for a basis you could just as well do this digital. That would be faster.
There are a traditional 2D animation called Pencil in which you could draw your rough blocking and then importing this as an image sequence in Synfig where you clean up animation and image.

that’s good to know. I actually downloaded the deb file for pencil earlier and ubuntu software center wouldn’t install it and neither would synaptic. it said it was downloading and all I got was a blank box during the download. Imma see if I can get it from aptitude. It normally comes through when all else fails

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Don’t doubt on ask anything related to animation and Synfig Studio usage here. We will try to make our best helping you.

never mind I got it working. I had to change my proxy settings