I'm on lesson five

Hi, I’ve been slowly going through the lessons and finally getting it but now you have a new version of synfig. Will the classes still apply?

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This new stable version fixes some issues from previous releases.
Nothing changed for the video course.

See Release notes for 1.4.5 version.

Oh, good. So do I just remove the old one and download the 1.4.5 version? I’m sorry I’m not the most computer savvy person.

Yes. You can do it.
You can always uninstall it and return to previous version :wink:
Your old version is 1.4.4, right?

Yes, I think so. You mean if I don’t like the new one I can always go back to the old one. Well everyone says the new one is better so I think I will try it. I will have my husband install the new one for me. Thanks so much. Amy