Ideas about how to make Synfig animation look hand drawn...

So I was looking back at some of my favorite hand drawn films such as Snow White and Lion King and I was thinking that vector animation always looks perfectly crisp and clear but hand drawn has a kind of blend between lines and colors and colors blend more or something like that. I was wondering, are there filters that can be used in a video editing software that can make an animation rendered in Synfig more hand drawn, or does anyone have ideas about things that can be done in Synfig to have this effect? Thanks for the help!!

After Effects, Blender, and a number of other compositors/3d programs can probably create the effect you’re looking for. I’m fairly certain After Effects can do it, but I’m not sure how as I’ve never tried it myself.

Hello jsfarney,
With synfig, you can already use the noises, noise-gradient, noise-distortion.
Play with the size, the blend method, the amount …
The feather is also very useful, and an outline of the same color as the region.
example.sifz (1.88 KB)

Oh, mad0 beat me :slight_smile:
Here is mine:
handdrawn-example.sifz (1.48 KB)

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