ID : HighLight Triks by script in context !

Synfig can do a lot things, we all know that (but a few know really them)

Can we imagine the script capacities of Synfig can highlight some Tricks ?

I mean by that, script ‘action’ who are not just accessible by CaretMenu/Plug-Ins , but more in context.
Like TheGimp did, you can ‘register’ plug-ins in other part of the ui than “menu/plugins”, for example in “menu/color” , “menu/image” …

In Synfig could be in layer panel, parameters , library … actually i have no more precision about that but this ‘idea’ come from slowmotion question


The full scripting feature is clear for me (the current script feature is a partial one since it is based on parse the file): You have to expose the current actions to a python interface so the user can “do” the same what he does with the GUI but with a script.