icons redesign - one picture summarization (20110814)

First of all, big thanks to the community for your kind help :slight_smile:

0, commit the patches to sf tracker.
1, continue to polish them, particularly Standing Character. Hope the artists of the community can contribute nice draft or finalised sif file :mrgreen: , here is my sif and png
2, start to do preview window redesign (icons and UI/UX mockup, (even more) code them )
3, start to simplify the bars of canvas window (status bar, time bar, scroll bar etc…)

Great work jcome. Please! If I try to release 0.63.01 (or 0.64.00) without include those changes pull firmly from my ear!!!

The little man for animate mode is just fabulous. In fact, they’re all fabulous!

Well done jcome!

Hi, jcome!
I have tested your changes in the github repo, they look fine for me. The only suggestion is for next keyframe/previous keyframe buttons:
Please make keys yellow. Otherwise they are hard to distinguish from others.

Sorry for this late response.

Thanks for taking time to review.

Regarding the seek to prev/next keyframe icons, I tweaked a little for the key without yellow color, and it increases the distinguish already as shown in following attached screenshot. I personally prefer this one.
Synfig Studio - Framedial Icons.png

and the yellowish keys:
Synfig Studio - Framedial Icons-yellowkey.png

what is your opinion?

I prefer this one
framedial_icons.sifz (12.6 KB)

Updated according it. thanks.

Hi jcome,
would you please update your github.com/jcome/synfig_jcome/tree/jcome with the request from Zelgadis?
I think you’ve changed the framedial_icons.sif in your other repository: github.com/jcome/synfig_ui/tree/master/icons but it has not been updated to synfig_jcome.
I’ve noticed it because I’ve pulled from your branch to merge your change into official synfig repository master branch.

Congratulations, jcome! Looks like your changes are merged - synfig.git.sourceforge.net/git/g … c905d1c5f0

github.com/jcome/synfig_jcome/tree/jcome is updated with the new version of framedial_icons.sif now :slight_smile:

Genete, Zelgadis, Thank you both for your kind help as always. I hope I can do more and more for this amazing project :mrgreen: