icons - framedial ( and keyframes) icons redesign


the icons redesign is almost done, I am working on the patch to merge “seek keyframe buttons” into “framedial”. please ref to the thread "Timebar re-arrangement "

I have just one comment. I would like to see all the icons, new ones and old unmodified, in a screenshot to check visibility, theme integration, coherence, sharpness, etc. It is just to see if there is a color or style change needed.
Thanks for your work jcome!

Once my patch for this change is well oiled I will attach screenshorts for review.

It will follow tango spec, so that would be not the problem I am sure :mrgreen:

Hi enclosed, more work needed for the (key)framedial icons, especially the key symbol of “Seek to prev/next keyframe” icon :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic! But how did you make the scroll bar from the time bar disappear?

To save vertical space I planed to improve(hopefully) scrollbar of time as well.