icon proposals

Hi, currently, the layer icon (the common one) seems having a different perspective comparing the most icons, especially on the vertical panel, when it stays side by side with the group icon on the group panel, take a look at the attached screenshot, and I make a new one based on the group icon, using the same perspective, and applying 50%'s opacity(alpha) to demo the layers behave that upper one is effecting below ones.

what is your opinion?

update the title for “layer icon proposals” to “layer icons proposal”
I would like to post my icon refresh work here so I can get help for you guys :slight_smile:
layer_icon_new.sif (52.6 KB)

I think it’s a good proposal and makes sense.

If the icon is going to be remade however, I feel that we might restyle it a bit more to look more like the rest of the Synfig/Tango icons.
Right now these two, especially the Group layer one, looks quite old.

I agree that many Synfig icons differs in style but I think we should strive for a unified look every time an icon needs rework.

Also if I may come with a suggestion to your reworked icon, I think it’s more clear and easily read with differently shaded layers, as the old one has.

Can you just change the original left side perspective layer icon and turn it into right perspective and compare with your new one? I do like how the old icon outstands more than the 50% opacity one.

Btw, what’s that new circle icon there!? :open_mouth:


proposal 2 wins?

Yes, to have a unified look, we have to find out a guild line for icon design, or maybe more, the ui guild line.

for the group layer icon, there is a quick solution is to replace it with a “folder” icon.

I really like the proposal 3 more than the proposal 2, if it keeps the distance between squares. It seems that the distance between the first and the second is different than the second and the third sqaures.

I would like to listen other’s opinion before apply version 3 once corrected the distances.

Yesterday, I updated the proposal 3 according to Genete’s input.
I would like to give the layer icon of gimp a try. will upload the screenshot later today.

see attached file, one the the polish work is done, I will upload the .sifz file here.

personally, i prefer the “gimp style” one .

Any comments are appreciated.

the layer icon
layer_icon.sif (120 KB)

the rectangle icon is similar to gradient icon, so I stole the idea of inkscape, made the colorized one:
gradient_icon.sif (20.2 KB)

Hi Genete,

once the proposals is ready( I mean the community is satisfied with them), I will commit patch in the right place :slight_smile:

I like both icons. :slight_smile:
The Layer icon looks good to me. It is much more clear than the current one and as it is an stand alone icon (only used for Import Image layer or any new layer that doesn’t have an icon yet) it is fine for me. (I wonder if Import Image layer should have a more related to import image action?)
Regarding to gradient icon I think that it would be better to fit the greyed style that all the other gradient layers icons have. I like the idea of insert the ducks of the layer in the icon because I have problems distinguishing the rectangle layer icon from the Linear Gradient layer icon too. I would love to see it in gray style, compared side by side with the rectangle icon, the old linear gradient icon and the rest of gradients icons. Also watch it in the tool palette would be good too.

i am working on it :wink:

yes, it is better to use grayed style in toolbox.


layer_other_import_image_icon prototype

I like the idea!!!
I like the first one more because it will be more readable when it is scaled down.
Also it would be much better if the lower right corner, where the sheets are curved where outlined too, so the curved effect is also readbale when scaled down. Also make the curved part a bit bigger may help.
I’d love to see it in its working size.

The rectangle and linear gradient icons were direct copies of the Art Libre Tango theme. Since we did that though, the Tango theme has been updated (possibly due to the same useability problems we’ve noted). To better match what Gimp, etc., do, we might want to follow their lead.


The new Art Libre Tango rectangle icon has virtually no internal shading, which makes it noticeably different from the gradient icon.



Ok, maybe we should update our icons as well. I will give it a try.

anyway, i did a small modification for the rectangle icon to have more rectangle-ish looking yesterday. attached for your ref.