Icon naming and installation folder

Two questions in one single post o.O

  1. What about we start to renaming the icon files?
    1. They all have a _icon suffix. Is it really necessary?
    2. They don’t follow the Icon Naming Specification of FreeDesktop. We aren’t ‘obliged’ to but…
  2. Synfig Studio place its icons inside share/pixmaps/synfigstudio system folder. I believe it’s wrong (at least thes days). The Icon Theming Specification mentions this folder as the last folder to search for icons & themes and states the following too: “Applications may further add their own icon directories to this list”, giving us an idea that it’s not the place for app-specific icons.
    In fact, Gnome suggests to use something like /usr/share/org.gnome.YourApp. However, almost none of the apps in my machine use the org.xxxxx.yyyy style. In our case, it would be /usr/share/org.synfig.synfigstudio.
    We use /usr/share/synfig for other resources, like sound, ui and plugin files. Why don’t use it for the icons and other graphics?
    /usr/share/synfig/icons for icons (and follow the FreeDesktop Icon Theming specs inside it), and /usr/share/synfig/images for other images like splash screen and logo.

This would help us to support icon theming for synfig, and user could choose between current one and the minimalistic Agnyy is proposing. Or the one libreartist started to show.



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I think this is not necessary. :slight_smile:


Great idea!

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